Great facility

International weightlifting delegate Paul Coffa believes that the Cook Islands should bid for the Commonwealth weightlifting championships.more

New Oceania record in weightlifting

Manueli Tulo set a new Oceania and South Pacific record in the 56kg snatch on the first day of weightlifting yesterday.more

Record attempt falls short

David Katoatau’s attempt at a South Pacific record in the clean and jerk, and overall total lift, in the 94kg class, fell short at the Telecom Sports Arena yesterday.more

Queen Ele powers the records

Ele Opeloge of Samoa is the undisputed weightlifting queen of the Pacific.more

Silver for Sam

It was three silvers for Sam Pera Jnr in the 105kg-plus class at the final session at the weightlifting competition last night.more

New Games lifting record

The star of the 105kg-plus weightlifting show – Itte Detenamo of Nauru set a new Pacific Mini Games record and personal best in the snatch (176kg). 091001102more

Kiribati weightlifter clinches 3 golds

Two of the lifters at the New Caledonia weightlifting institute walked away with gold at the Pacific Mini Games championships yesterday.more

Nauru wins Gold in the 105kg+

Itte Detenamo of Nauru won 3 Gold over local favourite Sam Pera in the +105kg this afternoon. Detenamo won the total by 74kg(386kg) with a snatch of 176kg and a Clean and Jerk of 210kg.more

Samoa's golden girl wins

Ele took the three possilbe Gold medals in a record breaking performance in what was argueably the best event at the 2009 Pacific Mini Games.
Cheered on by a supportive crowd Ele outclassed her opponents by winning by with an incredible total of 275kg, 60kg more than her closest opponent.more

Ele breaks all records....

Despite a failed third attempt in the Clean and Jerk, Samoa's Ele Opeloge today broke 10 records including the total weight Games record with a combined lift of 270kg.
An awesome performance in what must have been an emotional day for Ele and her Samoan team mates. We look forward to what this girl will continue to do on a world stage. Oceania is proud of you Ele.more

Samoa's Olympian Ele Opeloge is poised to take Gold after a fantastic first round in the snatch

Ele Opeloge out-classed her opponents in the snatch lifting 125kg and setting a new Games record and Commonwealth record she set back in Samoa in 2007. Despite the recent tragedy I am sure Samoans wil be proud watching their hometown sweetheart show the rest of the region they still reign supreme in the sport of women's weightlifting.more

Kiribati wins second gold medal for the day

Meameaa Thomas wins Kiribati's second Gold medal in weightlifting today with a toal lift of 320kg (Snatch 140kg and Clean and Jerk 170kg).more

Kiribati wins Gold in the 94kg Mens

In an exciting morning of weightlifting, David Katoatau of Kiribati took the Gold in the men's 94kg, winning both the snatch by 8kg and and clean and jerk by 20kg with an overall total weight 320kg.more

2 Bronze in the bag for Cooks

Sirla Pera of the Cook Islands took out 2 Bronze medals in the 85kg Men's category lifting against World Champ Yukio Peter of Nauru who broke records in this category.more

Samoa Fever

Mary Opeloge of Samoa took out gold uncontested in the womens 75kg category class. Mary is the sister of Super Heavy Ele Opeloge who will lift in the 75+ kg on Thursday 1st of October 2009.more

Fiji wins Gold for the Mens 77kg

Josefa Vueti of Fiji adds more Gold for Fiji in Weightlifting, in the 77kg Men's category. Faavae Faauliuli of Samoa took out silver and Taubena Tatonga of Kiribati took out the Bronze medal.more

Yukio Peter sets a new Games record

New Pacific Record set yesterday at the Telecom Sports Arena with the Weightlifting Competition.more

Gold for Kiribati

Tekaei Temake of Kiribati took out Gold for the Mens 69kg Class during Day 2 of the South Pacific Mini Games Weightlifting Competition. Unfortunately for Toafitu Perive of Samoa, he could not finish his lift of 146kg in the C & Jerk session paving way for new comer and first competition Bill Andrews of Fiji to claim Bronze in the C & Jerk and total.more

Weightlifters at Telecom banner launch

The weightlifting team was in full support of the TCI banner launch on Monday morning.more

Sam Pera receives Samsung Scholarship

Sam Pera Jr of Cook Islands Weightlifting has been selected to receive the Samsung Scholarship, through the Oceania (ONOC) Foundation.more
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Result Update...



 David Katoatau  KIR  140  180  320  1
 Saimone Turaganivalu  FIJ  132  160  292  2
 Jonathan Yoshida  SAM  125  160  285  3
 Alosio Fatoga  NCL  100  140  240  4
 Sione Vasi  TGA  90  115  205  5
 Simon Tiakia  NIU  82  110  192  6
 Honoura Roopinia  TAH  70  100  170  7
 Romano Porutu  TAH  70  80  150  8


 Meameaa Thomas
 KIR  140  180  320  1
 Amete Luaki
 NCL  137  166  303  2
 Tovia Opeloge
 SAM  130  161  291  3
 Ioane Thomas
 KIR  120  150  270  4
 Apineru Vaoga
 ASA  110  128  238  5
 Braydon Dean Hakeagaiki
 NIU  57  82  139  6
 Dimos Tinitua Timo
 TAH  52  65  117  7
 David Finau
 TGA  100    ---------


C & JERK(kg)
 Ele Opeloge
 125 NR
 150 NR
 275 NR
 Narita Viliamu
 NIU  85  120  205  2
 Noeline Luaki
 NCL  62  75  137  3
 Luisa Peters
 COK  60  74  134  4


 Itte Detenamo
 NRU  176 NR
 210  386 NR
 Samuel Pera
 COK  140  172  312  2
 Maamaloa Lolohea
 TGA  110  171  281  3
 Theron Taupau
 ASA  125  155  280  4
 Iotua Terevaura
 TAH  65  80  145  5
 Jean Claude Teuravehe
 TAH  55  65  120  6

Te Karere Board - Today's Events


Today's Events:

10.00AM Men 94 kg
KIR-GOLD (David Katoatau)
FIIJ-SILVER (Saimone Turaganivalu)
SAM-BRONZE (Jonathon Yoshida)

12.15PM Men 105kg
KIR-GOLD (Meameaa Thomas)

NCL- SILVER (Amete Luaki)
SAM-BRONZE (Tovia Opeloge)

2.30PM      Women +75kg Progress
Ele Opeloge new Games record with her first lift of 120 kg
Ele Opeloge new Commonwealth record with her second lift of 125kg
Third lift - failed attempt

SAM-GOLD (Ele Opeloge)

NIU-SILVER (Narita Viliamu)

NCL-BRONZE (Noeline Luaki)

4.45PM      Men +105kg
-NRU-GOLD(Itte Detenamo)
                                    COK-SILVER(Samuel Pera)
                                    TGA-BRONZE(Maamaloa Lolohea)